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How can dance help in transforming society?

This question is driving plans for the second joint congress of Dance and the Child international (daCi) and World Dance Alliance (WDA) Global Education & Training Network to be held in Adelaide, Australia 8-13 July 2018.

Adelaide, in the state of South Australia, was proposed in 2014 as the location for the daCi 2018 conference, in collaboration with the WDA Global Education & Training Network, endorsed by WDA at its 2014 Global Summit in France as the second collaborative event with daCi. This will be the fourth time daCi members have met in the southern hemisphere (New Zealand 1985, Australia 1994, Brazil 2003). The most recent daCi conferences were in Jamaica (2009), Taiwan (2012 – the first time in Asia), followed by Denmark (2015). This will be the second time the WDA has met in Australia (Melbourne 1997 and Brisbane 2008) with its most recent Global Summit in Angers, France (2014), Taiwan (2012) and New York (2010).

The proposal drew upon success from the 2012 joint daCi/WDA Global Summit with the aims to maximize connections for dance educators from both organisations, to strengthen networks and to give presence and status to dance for children and young people.

The congress will reflect daCI and WDA goals and philosophies, by focusing on young people’s learning through the movement of the dancing body. With a diverse population of Aboriginal people, earlier migrants and recent arrivals, Adelaide is culturally well placed to highlight:

* equal access and opportunity to dance regardless of ethnic, gender and cultural identity;

* the inclusion of all forms of dance in both general education and community programs;

* opportunities for young people to experience dance as creators, performers and spectators;

* exchange and collaboration related to young people’s dance within and between countries.

The congress also makes close connections with WDA’s goals as follows:

* to facilitate communication and exchange among dance individuals, institutions and organisations interested in dance.

* to provide a forum for discussion of matters relating to dance.

* to liaise, co-ordinate and participate with other dance organisations in the world.

Media information

Please download the congress media releases for more information.
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WDA serves as a primary voice for dance and dancers throughout the world, and encourages the exchange of ideas and the awareness of dance in all forms.

WDA operates via three regional centres with an overarching global executive bringing the three together in matters of policy and global projects.

The three regional centres: WDA–Americas, WDA–Asia Pacific and WDA- Europe.

Secretary General:
Anis Mohd Nor

WDA-Asia Pacific: Yunyu Wang, School of Dance Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan.
WDA-Americas: Mary Jane Warner, York University, Toronto Canada.
WDA-Europe: Fiona Bannon, Leeds University, UK.

For further information:  www.worlddancealliance.org

daCi was established in 1978, as a non-profit making association dedicated to the growth and development of dance for children on an international basis. daCi believes that every young person should have equal access and opportunity to dance regardless of ethnic, gender and cultural identity.

Executive Committee Chairs:
Maria Speth (The Netherlands)
Susan Koff (USA) (Chair elect)

For further information:  www.daci.international