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Frequently asked questions:

Where is Adelaide?
Adelaide is on the southern edge of the Australian continent, about a two-hour flight west from Sydney and about a three-hour flight east from Perth.  Adelaide is a city of one million people and is the capital of South Australia.

Is Adelaide safe?
Adelaide is a relatively safe city by international standards and was rated Australia’s safest city in 2013.  In 2015 it was again rated the world’s fifth most liveable city.  Adelaide City Council – Welcome to Adelaide

Is Adelaide expensive?
A cup of coffee will cost you typically AUD 3-4 dollars; a light lunch of sandwiches/wraps  AUD 7-10 dollars, café meals can range between AUD 15-30 dollars.
AUD 3-4 dollars (US 3-4 Euro 2-3)
AUD 7-10 dollars (US 5-8, Euro 5-7)
AUD 15-30 dollars (US 11-23, Euro 11-21)

Do I need travel/health insurance?
You are responsible for all your health costs while in Australia. You will not be covered by Australia’s national health scheme.